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S.A.M. Al Baker Assembly #35 Newsletter ~ February 2023

S.A.M. Al Baker Assembly #35 Newsletter February 2023 President’s Words HHi everyone!  Our next meeting will be Tuesday, February 21st, due to our regular meeting night lands on Valentine’s Day. This month we’ve got a two-part meeting - First, live from Florida, Magic Marty will be beaming in via zoom to talk about a bag-o-tricks that he’s fabricated for the club to raise money to visit the Houdini Museum in Scranton, Pennsylvania .   Magic Marty Steinberg has made up two sets of mirror tricks and routines for the Zoom instruction. The kit you'll get for $20 includes two mirrors, a paddle and instructions.  The $20 will go towards your ticket to the Houdini Museum this spring.  Imagine, 1000 miles away in Florida Marty will be making the tricks, teaching the tricks and donating the money to the club.  Thank you Marty, you are missed.  Second, we’ll be discussing your EDC (every day carry) cases - and what you put into them - bring your items for show and tell!  As usual the meeti