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S.A.M. Al Baker Assembly #35 Newsletter ~ October 2022

S.A.M. Al Baker Assembly #35 Newsletter October 2022 President’s Words As Max Maven is fond of saying,”BOO”.  Welcome to the magic month of October.  I want to thank both Jace and Craig Dickson for a wonderful meeting last month.  Their instruction was both detailed and informative. This month we’re going to continue with our learning - all paid members of Assembly 35 will receive the very limited edition S.A.M. Phoenix marked and stacked deck at the meeting.  Not only will we be discussing how to use the deck, but we will be watching an episode of V1.2 on false shuffles.  As we talked about last meeting, I want every one of you to have an EDC (every day carry) - those items that you carry in your arsenal each and every day to perform at a moment's notice.     We will be getting together at 6 pm for dinner at the Milanese if you can join us.     Also - if you have an upcoming public show, I’d like to start promoting them on our Facebook page - just send me all the information (and