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S.A.M. Al Baker Assembly #35 Newsletter ~ March 2022

S.A.M. Al Baker Assembly #35 Newsletter March 2022   President's Words ~ Write on Que   Hello Everyone,    Time is flying by FAST!  I thought I just wrote a newsletter and here it is time to write one again.   So, this month; you're on your way to a show, you stop for a milkshake and walk into Stewart's, while the girl is making it, someone reaches into your car and takes your suitcase full of magic!  Now you're 15 minutes away from the show, what do you do without your props?  There is a dollar store across the street.  What can you buy there and put together in the next 15 minutes to go on with the show?  If you don't think this could happen, ask Jeff McBride.  His van got stolen in Boston with his entire show and this is what he had to do.  So, let's see you put on your thinking caps and create a show from the dollar store!  We will have some cool S.A.M. prizes for everyone who has an act.   We'll be at the Milanese Restaurant from 5:30 - 6:00 for dinner