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Fwd: S.A.M. Al Baker Assembly #35 Newsletter ~ April 2024


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Subject: S.A.M. Al Baker Assembly #35 Newsletter ~ April 2024

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Hi gang! We're springing into the magic season with an array of amazing events for the club. This month we have Lou Johnson lecturing - many of you may know Lou from countless zoom meetings - a wealth of knowledge, and he'll be here in Poughkeepsie to teach us some mind-blowing routines (Tuesday April 9th 7:30 pm). As per usual we'll be getting together around 6 for dinner if you want to join in.

In May our meeting night is changing (just for that night) to Tuesday May 28th as we welcome Alain Ianone from Italy - it should be a wonderful time learning from this accomplished performer.

In June we're back to the second Tuesday of the month with our final lecturer of the season - John Reid. John is a magician, balloon artist, teacher at Tannens - and he owns and fabricates the Cresey line - mouth coils, streamers, etc. His mouth coils are without question the best in the world. 

Two other events coming up - Salute to Magic Show on May 4th (given by Parent Assembly), and our own Assembly show at the Center for Performing Arts at Rhinebeck June 7, 8, 9th (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). We'll need help during our show, so if you can pop an email to Frank or Joe.  Promotion is key to making this a success, and we're relying on you to get the word out to your friends, neighbors, and loved ones. The show will be family friendly for all ages.

Dr. Joel "Batman" Zaritsky
Society of American Magicians Past National President

Notes from last month (Darryl Bielski):

Our evening's topic today was mentalism. PNP Joel Zaritsky was first up with an effect that you can do if you're starting out on a shoestring budget. All the items used could be purchased at your local store. One item needs to be "doctored" to make it work. Six paper bags were placed on the table. People then roll the dice and what number they roll is the number bag they get. As luck would have it, Joel gets the last bag. Let's just say that the 6-sided dice seems to be missing a black dot on one side.

Willie Yee is next with a packet of cards containing the names of different movies. By having someone read the list of movies, in any order, Willie is able to guess the name of the movie that's listed on the card that everyone who had a card was holding.

PNP Craig Dickson follows. Joe Q holds up a watch with the time stopped on it. Craig has a picture on his phone with the exact same time listed. Then, using a book, Craig has Joe go to a certain page, counting down and over, leads to a number which is the same time that was picked earlier! Sounds like it could be a nefarious Batman villain, doesn't it?

Sudhir Desai shows us a book test utilizing a book and computer pad as accessories. Jace winds up the evening teaching all the center tear. If you are nervous about trying this, don't be. It's another tool in your arsenal that can be used that seems so random, but can have a powerful effect. Less sometimes is more.

S.A.M. Assembly #35 Officers:

President: Dr. Joel "Batman" Zaritsky

Vice President: Ryan Dutcher

Treasurer: Frank Monaco

Secretary: Sudhir Desai

Scribe: Darryl Bielski